Bespoke, Invite-Only, Payment Processing Exclusively for Multi-Location Companies

We Process $1,000,000,000s Annually, and Distribute 50% of Profits to Our Partners.

American Express

The Payments Industry Sucks...

Hidden Ways to Manipulate Pricing

They could quote you 0.0% per transaction and still screw you 8 to 12 different ways.

Large Corporation B.S. Ambivalence

You’re one tiny merchant they don’t care about. Customer service? Good luck when something happens.

Unexpected Bans / Holdbacks

Surprise! They’re holding back $500,000 for an undisclosed number of months because you did something weird. Sorry.

Deceptive to Fraudulent Practices

Them offering you amazing pricing above their “buy rate” is like saying you get 100% of the ice cream… after they’re done with it.

So We Built the Partner We Would Want

50% of Profits Shared Quarterly

Truly aligned incentives. You get paid back the same money we do, at the same time.


Invite-Only, Long Term Partners

30+ year partnerships are better for everyone. We only take high level partners that raise the group.

Bespoke Service

Only having dozens of partners allows us to give out our cell phone numbers and make it right.

Full Transparency & Audit Rights

Trust is earned over time. You get full visibility into our books and every way we get paid.

Scaled Buying Power

Billions in processing and high level connections means better pricing and direct tie-in opportunities.

Flexible, Owned Tech Stack

If our cutting-edge, partner-owed payment gateway doesn’t work, we’ll find a way to for your setup.

Ready to Get Started?

Please contact us through the existing member that referred you.